About Aidan

Seasoned Digital Marketer

About Aidan

Aidan is a seasoned digital marketer but is also keen to help small business grow their knowledge. The reason for this is that many businesses fail in their first year and this is due to lack of knowledge about the modern day business environment, this includes digital literacy, being savvy and doing the correct market research. 


My Qualifications

I think it is important for al clients to see my qualifications so that you can see my expertise

Academically I have been successful, although it all began in failure as I did not do very well at school. This was due to a number of things but being dyspraxic and being undiagnosed until I was 22 probably didn’t help.

Since then I only chose courses that interested me as ont he whole I found school quite boring. My most recent qualification is my MSC in Digital Marketing as I imagine I will now be working in the digital marketing world until I retire.


MSC Digital Marketing (Distinction)​

My highest-ever grade and biggest academic achievement


BA Hons Music Industry Management – 2:1

Where it all began, I soon became a blogger after this qualification which led me into digital marketing.


BTEC (Higher National Diploma) Business- Merit

This was the redemption of my education


Failed All G.C.S.E’s

Finished high school struggled for a few years but finally got it together in 2008.