Business Consultant

Aidan has been providing business consultancy services to SME’s for the past 3 years and is keen to help everyone build their strategy.

Why Choose Me As Your Business Consultant ?

Why Choose Me ?

I am an experience business professional which is why I offer services as a business consultant . This is what I am passionate about as I know what it’s like to fail and how to succeed. As a child I struggled immensely in education and i believe these experiences can really affect belief systems in adult life. I was diagnosed with dyspraxia at the age of 22  at UEL and until this time I just believed I was not as clever as anyone else but when this diagnosis happened I gained so much much more self belief and achieved a 2:1 undergraduate degree from the University of East London. Upon completion I launched my first music blog which introduced me to digital marketing. However, my day job was a salesman was selling digital marketing and I had other blogs which you can read more about in this blog article. I have ran a drop shipping store and attempted affiliate marketing, these two business ventures made me some money but don’t believe the hype , it wasn’t how I imagined it.

I really found my feet after losing my job just after Covid-19 and returned to my passion, it was all a bit grim this period as I had lost my mum to cancer a few months before this. However, after seeing how my employer dropped me and how cruelly my mum was taken away from me I vowed never to work for anyone else again. I  returned to education to  Salford University and decided to do an MSC in Digital Marketing, I knew it well but I wanted to be seen as an expert  in a discipline. I started selling web sites and providing digital marketing services to my class mates. I graduated with a distinction and joined the launch team to set up my 3rd business, a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) and Web Design as it was my time to shine and strut my stuff. the business is called Meta Ball Digital but previous to this i had developed my online brand of Aidan Hopton, see my Linked In profile here. This will tell you all about me and my two favourite business ventures, Music Tarantula and Mets Ball Digital.